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We provide official RV appraisals for those of you who need to know the actual value of a specific Park Model.

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Our appraisals include Retail, Wholesale, Trade-in and Loan values.

OUR Appraisals are accepted by private individuals, Bankers, Dealers, Insurance companies and Government Agencies

All figures are properly adjusted for options, mileage, condition and marketability.

The appraisals are delivered under our company letterhead, 

Our Comprehensive Data Collection form will direct you to easily gather and deliver to us all the information needed to provide an accurate, realistic, detailed RV appraisal.

We appraise --Class A Motor Homes (Gas or Diesel),--- Bus Conversions,-- Class C Mini Homes, --Class B Van Motor  Homes, --Van Conversions, --5th Wheels, --Travel Trailers, --Pop-up Trailers, --Horse Trailers (live -in) --and Truck Campers.

No more guesswork -----have a professional appraiser on your side, when you buy, trade or sell your Park Model.

About our appraisals;
  • The latest edition, professional (dealer) version, of the Kelley Blue Books and NADA appraisal Guides are used when completing your appraisal. We compile figures from the books and use our over 25 years of RV Market analysis experience to properly adjust the figures for Options, Mileage, Condition, and Marketability.

Your completed appraisal will be available for return, usually within 24 hours of receiving your request.

We accept Checks or Money Orders only

Excessive bank and security compauncabunca@hughes.netny charges for Internet purchases have prompted us to discontinue accepting credit cards.

No delay when paying by personal check or money order. Appraisals are E-mailed to you within 24 hours of our receiving your request.

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Appraisals offered:
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The Kelley Blue Book Appraisal--- (The book sellers prefer)                                          $24.95*
The NADA appraisal Guide Appraisal --- (The book buyers prefer)                              $24.95*
Both the Kelley Blue Book and the NADA Appraisal Guide ---(The whole picture)      $34.95*  (Save $15.
IRS Form 8283 for donated RVs                                                                                        $20.00*

Having an in hand, certified, professional appraisal will ease the stress of a sale or purchase and save you time and money.

Order your appraisal by completing our easy to use, comprehensive data collection form (below). The form is designed to allow you to quickly provide all the information we need to produce an accurate, realistic, detailed appraisal.
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Park Model Trailer Information
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  •  Checking a square box indicates "Yes" the RV has that option. 

  • Round Radio buttons allow you to give us additional information about the option you have just checked.

VIN#               Miles:  
Floor Plan or Model number:  

Park Model Trailer Options
If you are not sure of the option, you can give a brief explanation in the text box below.
Cathedral ceilings Yes   Patio Awning

Automatic deploy ?

 Air Conditioning Yes Cabinetry Upgrade Yes
Sky light   Yes Microwave /Convection oven Yes
Satellite System
Manual Point
Auto Seek
Slide/Tip Out   Yes
(Number & Sizes)
Number of bed rooms  bedrooms

Ceiling Fan Yes
Microwave Only Yes Refrigerator -  (upgrade) Yes Side by Side 4door W/water in door
Storm Windows   Yes TV Antenna with booster Yes
Washer and Dryer   Yes Dishwasher Yes

Other Items:

Describe any unlisted features or options you would like to have considered.

Your appraisal will be sent by E-mail.

Please indicate the condition of each item below by clicking the appropriate Round radio button.


Chipped  Cracked  Good


Poor Fair GoodLike New
ROOF Poor Fair GoodLike New


Poor Fair Good Like New


Include any specific condition information you feel is important.

 Examples- soft floors- signs of leaking- excessive Dents or defects (not consistent with the age of the unit)- poorly completed repairs or alterations.- Oil leaks- etc.

Choose your appraisal from these options.

 *$24.95 for an official Kelley Blue Book appraisal
 *$24.95 for an official NADA Guide Book appraisal.
 *$34.95 for Both the Kelley Blue Book and NADA Guide appraisals. ($15.00 Savings)

  $20.00 additional charge for IRS Donation form 8283 .

Please click here if you would like additional information before you request an appraisal.

When you "Post your request" you Agree to send a check or money order for the amount your have chosen above.


This is an honor system.
In the 9 years we have provided this on-line version of our service we have found that RV owners are a cut above as honest and reliable people.
Please don't take advantage of my trust.


Thank you 
Ted Dansereau 

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